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Less hugging due to social media usage | Greenwheels

More than 10.9 million Dutch people use WhatsApp to stay in touch and 96% are on social media. Sounds pretty social, right? Well, it’s not. The ease of social media is reducing our personal interaction, despite research having shown that face-to-face contact is essential.

LifeHunters followed 86-year-old Huibje, who has experienced this social media problem first-hand. Her granddaughter and great-granddaughter don’t live nearby, so she mainly speaks to them on Facebook and WhatsApp. Huibje decided to pay them a surprise visit with the help of NS and Greenwheels.

This heart-warming surprise is a great example of how distance and age don’t have to stand in the way of real contact. You don’t have to give up Facebook, Instagram or WhatsApp, just remember how important it is to connect in real life as well.

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