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Challenge: travelling from the Ardennes to Maastricht without batteries | Stichting Batterij

LifeHunters accepted a new challenge: travelling from the Belgian Ardennes to Maastricht without batteries. That means no access to any device that uses a battery, including a car.

LifeHunters hosts Jorn Rohde and Luuk Dresen accepted the battery challenge. They were blindfolded and dropped off in the Ardennes with nothing but a compass and a map. Maastricht was ‘only’ 100 kilometres away. The guys had to get creative to make it from start to finish without any batteries. They used a bike and a raft on their adventure, but found it extremely hard to go without a phone, a torch, or a heat source.

The average Dutch household uses 113 batteries. The use of batteries is so ubiquitous in 2018, that it’s almost impossible to go without. Could you survive 24 hours without batteries? Let us know in the comments below.

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