Trough EEG, Eyetracking and Facial Coding LifeHunters content is tested thoroughly.


LifeHunters is a media brand specialized in (branded) entertainment. LifeHunters produces formats like The Spike Room, a month without, Michelin star chefs cooking McDonald’s and ‘Let’s be honest’. Reaching millions of people globally.

Through neuroresearch we’re able to test LifeHunters content profoundly. LifeHunters uses EEG (brain) scans, eyetracking, psychological analyses and emotional measurement to help clients and ourselves make content more effective.

”Stop daydreaming, start hunting for life.”



We provide a complete service: developing creative ideas, producing videos with a viral twist, then seeding them online to secure great media coverage and get people talking, sharing and buzzing.



Concept & Creation


LifeHunters’ concept and creation phase is truly unique. We create value with campaigns that generate results and content that people remember. Our clients play a special role in this creative process. Based on the LifeHunters proposition with our presenters, we develop the video using insights and specific target audience knowledge. We don’t, therefore, directly market products and services. We help brands express themselves authentically in a relevant way.




LifeHunters is a cut above the rest due to the quality it offers. We produce tailor-made content that hooks critical online viewers. We organize qualitative meetings with the target audience in order to review concepts and then act in a focused way based on these meetings. By means of neurological research, we measure what parts of the content bore or hook viewers on a second-by-second basis. In this way, our team, on the basis of precise data, determines what the target audience finds interesting and what they do not.


Seeding & Monitoring


What makes LifeHunters really unique is that, in addition to creation and production, we are also very driven when it comes to seeding c.q. spreading of content. Seeding is all about deploying a creative product where people will have the best chance of seeing it, and crucially, sharing it with their networks. And that is exactly what LifeHunters is specialized in. From native advertising and influence marketing to organic and paid media attention, LifeHunters is the seeding expert for you.


Erik Hensel
Erik Hensel Founder Amsterdam
Mark van der Werff
Mark van der Werff Creative Director Amsterdam
Anouk Last
Anouk Last Commercial Director Amsterdam
Duc Anh Vu
Duc Anh Vu Video Producer/Director Amsterdam
Joris Eckelkamp
Joris Eckelkamp New Business Manager Cologne
Sevan Joenoes
Sevan Joenoes Video Producer Amsterdam
Tess de Wijs
Tess de Wijs Producer Amsterdam
Pieter Cerutti
Pieter Cerutti Head of Productions Amsterdam
Jawhara Suoroch
Jawhara Suoroch Intern Amsterdam


LifeHunters translates social advertising into branded videos, generating millions of views.

Our videos have been featured on global news outlets including RTL News, 9GAG, Buzzfeed, LA Times, RT, Al Jazeera and ABC News.

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