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LifeHunters creates shareable online content that guarantees high viewing figures. Authentic content that people want to see, and actively search for.

We have an advertising department and specialise in creating, developing and seeding (branded & non-branded) videos.

Our unique strategy generates tremendous online engagement and valuable earned media coverage worldwide. Discover the incredible potential of what branded video content can do for your company.

“Branded content is the future. It’s not about the video, it’s about wanting to watch the next video. Starting conversations and building audiences” 

”Stop daydreaming, start hunting for life.”


Erik Hensel
Erik Hensel Managing Director Amsterdam
Merel Taat
Merel Taat Executive Producer Amsterdam
Mickey Veldhuis
Mickey Veldhuis Producer Amsterdam
Sevan Joenoes
Sevan Joenoes Junior Producer Amsterdam
Annika Drion
Annika Drion Seeding Manager Amsterdam
Anouk Last
Anouk Last New Business Manager Amsterdam
Jonathan Dijkgraaf
Jonathan Dijkgraaf Account Amsterdam
Willemijn Reijntjes
Willemijn Reijntjes Account Amsterdam
Joris Eckelkamp
Joris Eckelkamp New Business Manager Cologne


LifeHunters translates social advertising into branded videos, generating millions of views.

NS – Dutch trains all powered by wind energy

Our videos have been featured on global news outlets including RTL News, 9GAG, Buzzfeed, LA Times, RT, Al Jazeera and ABC News.

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